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Ballonnen | Denise van der Burgh | Narrative Painting

Ballonnen |  Denise van der Burgh | Narrative Painting

Coleoptera | Denise van der Burgh | Narrative Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Denise van der Burgh
  • Title Artwork: Ballonen
  • Year: 1998
  • Technique: Oil on Canvas
  • Style: Landscape Painting, Narrative painting
  • Size: 60cm x 50cm 
  • €2200,-

Ballonnen | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Panel

Denise is an artist with a law and art historical background. Her specialism is realistic and surrealistic oil paintings that all start from her fascination with an object or a colour. 


Artist Chloe Xu has described this colourful oil painting for you.


"Ballonen" the painting

"In this painting, two balloons are floating in the air, one is closer to the viewer, and another one is further. On top, there are several clouds in the sky. Under the hot ballon is the flat, green landscape, connected with the air from far away. There is a river across the field, separated the land into two sides, flows into the distance. Look closer to the painting, the creek on the left down corner intertwined with the mist. And on the right down, the vast ground is clean and neat, depict a beautiful view of the quiet countryside.


The colour in the painting "Ballonen"

The colour composition brings us a smooth feeling: on the top of the painting, the very light purple clouds have the light edge around, gives some softness to the clouds. The sky is in a light blue with some slight brown strokes, takes up around 1/3 of the painting. The closer ballon is in blue, white, and yellow, and these colours give the picture a slow and calming vibe.  The further ballon is in yellow, red, and orange, and the composition added an uplifting feeling. In the lower part of the painting, the river uses a similar light blue as the sky, and we can see the field is depicted with different shades of green. The squares are in various shades and bring a lot more variety to the picture.


Composition of "Ballonen"

These balloons float across the countryside compose a tranquil scene. As slow and romantic transportation, ballons take passengers to fly in the sky. There are many smooth touches on the painting: for example, the dim area between the ground and the air is blended smoothly, and there is no hard transition in between. It builds a more surrealistic atmosphere through these blendings. To strengthen the light reflection on the balloons, the artist uses the colour from dark to light to present the shadow and the light.


The Artist: Denise van der Burgh

The Dutch artist, Denise van der Burgh, is specialized in realistic and surrealistic oil painting. She has a law and art history background, and her style got a lot of influence from Dutch Golden Age painting. Her fascination with an object or a colour gives her artwork a lot of interesting perspectives and imaginative space. Her oil paintings have the traditional artisan spirit in it. She always captures the light and the shadow accurately from real life.


The painting "Ballonen" in your life

Flying has always been a dream of human nature, the hot balloon as symbol freedom, carrying human’s wish for flying. With these beautiful meanings, this painting is suitable for both office and the home, and it will help you to lift your dreams."



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