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Stan | Marko Klomp | Oil on Linnen Painting with a Car

€ 4.905,00
GRATIS verzending

Stan | Marko Klomp | Oil on Linnen Painting with a Car

€ 4.905,00
GRATIS verzending
  • Contemporary artist: Marko Klomp
  • Title Artwork: Stan
  • Series: Cantima (Latin for the compilation of songs)
  • Year: 2017
  • Technique: Oil in Linen
  • Style: Figurative, Realistic Painting
  • Size 80cm x 100cm 

Stan | Marko Klomp | Oil on Linnen

A powerful, sophisticated oil painting that also has a sense of safety from the elements. Marko creates tension between safety and control and the inherent danger of rain and night driving. A powerful piece where the beauty of life is captured on a night.


The painting is predominantly black, grey and flashes of yellow-white light. Marko Klomp has captured a fleeting moment in eternity. You can almost hear the car and the rain, as it drives past.


On a cultural note, we know Stan as the overzealous fan in a song; Stan by Eminem. Since the song's release in 2000, Stan has also come to mean an obsessive fan of a celebrity. The grittiness and the duality of the song and this painting overlap. Marko often listens to music and observes the world around him and then paints his experience of our world in his monumental oil paintings. Marko's painting captures a feeling of the time we are living in now, as well as depicting it universally and timelessly.


My first impression of this painting immediately transported me to the song and period that "Driving Home for Christmas" plays endlessly on the radio. The name of the painting: Stan, just reminded me of a muscle car. That is the beauty of a painting by contemporary Dutch artist Marko Klomp. The endless associations and timelessness of each of his beautifully rendered oil paintings.

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