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Lees Materiaal

Op dit moment is ons lees materiaal nog in het Engels, maar word vertaald naar het Nederlands. 

Articles, notes, musings and information around, buying, collecting and presenting art in your home.


Interview: Curator Miracle May

Miracle May is a South African museologist and  second-year master's student studying Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) at the University of North-West in South Africa. A pioneer multidisciplinary programme within the art and academic world. Her core courses being in art and artefact preservation.


Miracle is also the curator of the solo exhibition of contemporary Dutch artist Gemma Jonker. This exhibition is a groundbreaking exhibition that focusses on the experience of seeing and interacting art. The emphasis is on the subjective and internal experience of a visitor looking at the work of Gemma Jonker for the first time. In this interview we get to know Miracle better. 

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Interview: Jeanette Olyhoek

Jeanette Olyhoek is a Dutch painter and sculptor in Voorburg. Her amazing Dutch seascapes and landscapes are currently on exhibition at the Gallery.  The interview was in Dutch, but is translated into English with the original Dutch answers put below. Jeanette kindly took the time us to answer these 11 questions about her and her art.


Reading time: 6 minutes

Text is alternating English and Dutch.


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Interview: Marko Klomp

Marko Klomp is a Dutch painter and poet. His latest series; Left Behind has been curated together with some of his other landscape paintings by Art Historian Wouter Maas. The interview was in Dutch, but is translated into English with the original Dutch answers put below. Marko kindly obliged us to answer these 11 questions about him and his art.

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Interview: Artist and Content Creator in the 21st Century

Chloe Xu is an artist that has been delightfully describing paintings here at the gallery.  She described it as "painting with words". Which is exactly what she does. Her analysis as an artist reads like your painting the painting yourself. She takes a bit of the painting, a bit of the subject, a bit of the technique and bits of real life. I always feel strangely liquid when reading her work. As you will be seeing more of her analysis of art work as well as an online exhibit, we wanted to introduce to her to everyone.

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