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Op dit moment is ons lees materiaal nog in het Engels, maar word vertaald naar het Nederlands. 

Articles, notes, musings and information around, buying, collecting and presenting art in your home.


Interview: Artist and Content Creator in the 21st Century

Chloe Xu is an artist that has been delightfully describing paintings here at the gallery.  She described it as "painting with words". Which is exactly what she does. Her analysis as an artist reads like your painting the painting yourself. She takes a bit of the painting, a bit of the subject, a bit of the technique and bits of real life. I always feel strangely liquid when reading her work. As you will be seeing more of her analysis of art work as well as an online exhibit, we wanted to introduce to her to everyone.

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Interview: Art Historian of the 21st Century

Wouter Maas has recently been working with us at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. He has beautifully described a few paintings here at the gallery. You will be seeing more of his descriptions the coming time.

This interview is to introduce Wouter Maas, the Art Historian and his journey to this point. Hope you love learning more about the lovely individual in the arts and whose work you might have read on LinkedIn, Instagram or here at the gallery. Hope you enjoy meeting Wouter as much as we did!

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Interview: Art Influencer in the 21st Century

Art has been helping us all get through these strange times. Through movies, series, dressing up as famous art or paintings. This is an interview with art influencer Maartje Kramer aka “Kunstmaartje” and how she has been holding her follower's hand through art and museums these last two years.

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